Thursday, 29 March 2012

Amended Final Idea

After receiving some critique on my final poster I have decided to move the information from under the Saturday Sessions to the left hand bottom corner in line with the Ministry of Sound logo and the left hand S.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Final Idea

After trying out various backgrounds and backdrops I finalized my choice on a cropped in area of a record.

I stuck with my initial idea bar the extensions on the Y, the idea is based on my research into Swiss typography and using angles. The angles I used are -20 and 28, there is no real relevance to the angles bar the fact that they worked alongside each other and the body copy runs off the angle of the Y extension.

The choice of background is meant to bring back to 'retro' qualities of vinyls and record players, most DJ's of this era use computer software and digital turntables but back when Saturday sessions first started records will of been used.

Several ideas were thrown in about the choice of typeface but the one chosen is a San Serif to relate to the Swiss typography research. The typeface is Gill Sans Regular and is used on the bodycopy also.

Overall after really struggling with this project and getting a sound idea down I am pleased with what I have produced and think it works well and meets the brief. As a poster on a wall I think it draws the viewer in to find out a little more on what the poster includes and as a poster on a moving object I think enough is given for the viewer to understand what the poster is for.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


After deciding upon a Paul Renner and Josef Muller Brockmann styled type I went out trying to capture a background image for the poster. My thoughts were to use headphones, jack/USB sockets and old vinyls.

Paul Renner & Josef Muller Brockmann

My next stage of research took me into Paul Renner and Josef Muller Brockmann.

What I liked most about some of the work designed by these two is the simplicity and block colours they used. Also text on an angle is something I really want to use in my design work.


I researched into several designers, mainly pioneers of Swiss typography. I started off with general music posters to try and find some inspiration.

Initial Ideas

After a long and hard process of layouts and various ideas I had several that I put into the MacBook and started to design.

I was really stumped for ideas and it was a slow process. Every idea I tried didn't seem to work, so I went back nearly to the drawing board and started researching again.